A Reflection on Matthew 11: 25-30

imageChristianity is not about trying harder, it is about grace and receptivity as E. Stanley Jones, the progressive 20th Century Methodist missionary teaches.

Jesus will reveal the God of compassion and restoration to you. if you will come to him. He will go over this grace of God for you line by line and give you the receptivity you need to rest your whole life on his free unmerited love. He will give you the strength to incarnate that love in your life day by day as you live in the real world.

We come to Jesus through our spiritual practices. The number one spiritual practice for us is to meditate daily on the life and teachings to discover what Jesus has and will do for us. With this spiritual practice, to all of us who are carrying heavy burdens, Jesus will give rest. For Jesus is as he says, “gentle and humble in heart” and in him you will find rest for your souls for His yoke confirms eternal worthfulness and His burden gives forgiveness and power to love to every human creature.

R. Lawton Higgs, Sr.
July 7, 2014

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