A Reflection on Matthew 10:40-42

Jesus welcomes the children - Mark 10:13-16A Reflection on Matthew 10:40-42, The Message

As Jesus makes the circuit of the cities and towns of Alabama he sees diseased bodies, broken and bruised lives. Jesus has a broken heart. Jesus is praying for harvest hands. The Birmingham Progressive Christian Alliance is responding, answering Jesus’ prayer. We are asking for the power of the Compassionate One to kick out evil spirits and to tenderly care for the bruised and hurt lives of so many of our Alabama brothers and sisters.

We understand that this is hazardous work. We are not naive. However, we are committed to building a platform for preaching and living the love, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit of God that Jesus revealed in his flesh for Alabama and the entire world. We are committed to going all the way with Jesus in the struggle for racial, social and economic justice for all Alabamians.

We understand that we are intimately linked in this harvest work with all who share our heart of love and restorative justice. We understand that this is a large work that we have been called into, and that we are continuing the legacy of a great struggle in Alabama. We are committed to accept, respect and work with all who share this “Moral Monday” work in Alabama, if it is only giving a cup of refreshing cold water to others in this struggle for immigration reform, expanding Medicaid, fighting for a living wage, fighting for voting rights, public education, public transportation, and criminal justice reform.

We will build on the smallest acts of giving and receiving for this harvest work for a more just Alabama for all.

R Lawton Higgs, Sr.