Save the Date – Dr. N.S. Xavier – April 28, 2016

Dr. N.S. Xavier presents Dr. N.S. Xavier, a documentary film about 2000 years of interfaith harmony and intra-faith transformation using conscience.  April 28, 2016 at Beloved Community Church 6:00 pm and streamed live via Webinar. Look for announcements coming on Facebook and Eventbrite.

Bio-Dr. Xavier was born in 1945 in Kerala, India. He grew up in the Syro-Malabar Catholic community of Kerala which traces its Christian origin to conversion by Jesus’ disciple St. Thomas. He did medical education in Gwalior, about 200 miles south of New Delhi. After his psychiatric training was completed in 1979 at the University of Virginia, he began practicing psychiatry in Birmingham, Alabama. Xavier published The Two Faces of Religion about the healthy and unhealthy sides of religion which Nobel Laureate Professor Elie Wiesal called “challenging and provocative”. He also published Fulfilling Heart and Soul, available on, discussing how to fulfill human needs with the guidance of conscience. It received endorsements from Nobel Laureate President Oscar Arias, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Fr. Richard Rohr, Prof. K.L.S. Rao, Dr. Arthur Freeman, Bishop John Shelby Spong and many others. Dr. Xavier has given presentations in various national and international forums including the Parliament of Worlds’ Religions in Australia, lectures to students at UAB on addictions, spirituality and medicine, and the role of conscience in promoting peace. He was on a forum with Tushar Gandhi, the Mahatma’s great grandson, at UAB discussing Gandhian Path to Global Progress.

This will be a PEACE Talk you won’t want to miss. Space is limited so arrive early, meet the author and have your copies of Fulfilling Heart and Soul signed by Dr. Xavier.

You can also see Dr. Xavier’s PEACE Talk live — Register for our webinar

*Donations are welcome to support the cost of producing PEACE Talk. All proceeds are tax deductible if made out to E.R.P.R., a 501(c)(3) organization. There are also sponsorship opportunities available if you or your organization would like to sponsor a PEACE Talk. Visit for more information about the organization and how to get involved. T-shirt is fundraiser going on now at, purchase a t-shirt for peace today!

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