Changing the conversation about peace, social justice and radical inclusion in Alabama. Based on the format of the TED Talk series, PEACE Talk is a series of once monthly talks held at different locations around the state to encourage continued change in conversations regarding peace. The talks are streamed live via Webinar and recorded for continued viewing.

Is peace possible? We believe peace is possible. The series of PEACE talks will show that not only is peace possible, but that we humans were made for peace.

What is the appearance of peace? Peace looks like equal pay for equal work, jobs that pay living wages, adequate housing opportunities, access to healthy and non-taxed food, efficient and eco-friendly public transportation, access to excellent public education regardless of social status and access to healthcare to name a few.

What actions can I take to help create a more peaceful Alabama? The Dalai Lama stated that each individual has a universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs. We must work together to create the change we desire for the people of the state of Alabama.

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